So Hard Not to be Digging…

I finally got around to visiting one of our local Farmer’s Markets for the first time this morning and really enjoyed the educational presentation given by the Market Manager and professional gardener.  It was basic container gardening concepts from seed starting to transplanting seedlings to fertilizing.  The best part was his organic techniques using worm castings, worm teas, and mulch to promote healthy growth and food we can feel safe about eating and feeding to our families.

After watching his presentation, I am practically jumping out of my skin wanting to get into the dirt.  I have a stash of seeds, a raised bed enriched with rabbit manure, trowels and gloves…  AND it’s prime time to start seeds in southwest Florida.  But I am forced to contain myself, to be patient and save my gardening energy for our future homestead in North Carolina.

My husband left to start a new job near Charlotte about 3 weeks ago, and I am here with the kids, the animals and the “stuff” awaiting good news about his successful house hunting.  I am in the ongoing process of packing and purging, and the Goodwill donation center practically knows me by name.  I’m happy to say we are NOT taking everything with us.  I’m hoping to significantly lighten the load and focus on taking only the things we love and use, but I tend to have a hard time letting go of certain things, especially books.  They are one of my biggest weaknesses.

We’ve actually found a house we like on 2 mostly-wooded acres, so now we patiently await good news about financing.  Assuming we move forward with this property, I will be magically hauling 11 rabbits, 11 chickens, 6 ducks, 4 gerbils, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 3 children north in a 12 hour straight shot with minimal bathroom and coffee breaks.  Yes, I will be documenting the move with lots of photos…  I can’t even imagine what this is going to look like yet, but I know it will be memorable!

Once there, we will get our current animals set up comfortably, and then I can start learning all there is to learn about edible landscaping, vegetable gardening, and growing fruit and nut trees in North Carolina so I can get my hands really dirty in the spring.  I will also be setting up my first bee hive and adding two Nigerian dwarf dairy goats to the mix.  Down the road I would also like to add one milking cow and two to three horses.  I know I won’t have much of a social life, but I’ll be living my dream:  A Farm Girl by the time I turn 40.


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  1. Posted by Mary O on September 24, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Awesome blog Kris!We’llkeep our fingers crossed on this great property for you all!


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