Good Starts

I hit the ground running this morning!  My eyes opened at 6:27 a.m., 3 minutes before my alarm was set to go off.  I got the coffee brewing, ran downstairs to start a load of laundry, came back up to put away dishes, and washed the leftover dishes from the night before.  By this time the boys began to wake up, so we sat down for breakfast before I headed out the door for a 30 minute bike ride.  I haven’t ridden my bicycle in weeks, so it felt great to be on the move again.  The rain did not deter me from zipping down to the beach and back…

More laundry, made some fruit salad, washed some dishes…  Then I made a run to look at a horse trailer I thought we could use to move stuff and/or chickens and ducks to NC and then store it until we had to go pick out livestock.  It was a nice trailer, but I wasn’t ready to spend $2500.  After weighing our options, my husband and I have decided to focus on more necessary expenses such as getting him a car and getting us a house.

It was a great morning, but the rest of my day kind of ran off on me.  We did have fun, though…  Played some Go Fish, Uno and BINGO with the boys which helped keep them off the computer and video games.  That’s always a plus!!  Now it’s getting way too late, and the boys are still awake and lively.  Too much sugar today after a visit from my mother.  <sigh>  She means well.  Will I help my grandchildren OD on sugar and processed crap some day?  Who knows?!  I hope not.

Although my focus strayed on the horse trailer, I feel like I’m back on track with directing my energies towards another car and our future home.  Now to read a bedtime story and catch some ZZZZZZZs.


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