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We have found a 3-acre property with a stream running through the back that we may investigate further.  We have a friend who may let us use his travel trailer if we find a plot of land to call our own.  We would still need to have a well dug and septic installed, so that would add some time and expense, but we could really create our dream home in our own time.

While staying in our friend’s trailer on our own property, we would look into building a Del-Tec home ( on site.  Admittedly, I really like the idea of buying property that already has a home on it, but I’m certainly open to other options.  I just want to be up there already!!

I keep reminding myself that I just need to be patient and trust the process, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  I want to wiggle my Samantha nose and have our house packed, purged and cleaned; have everybody moved up to North Carolina; and have all the animals set up in their own coops and barns.  I’m sure this whole process I must go through is for my own good, to teach me a lesson in this lifetime, so I’ll just take some deep breaths and continue to take action every day to get us all that much closer to our family homestead.


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  1. Posted by Mary O on September 28, 2011 at 11:02 am

    The Del-Tec Homes are pretty cool! I like the Sierra either 1 story or 2 story 🙂 You’ll find the house that’s meant to be your home 🙂


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