Fast Forward Three and a Half Months!

Yes, Ladybug (her full name) came to stay…

We were keeping her at a community barn for a few weeks when a tornado, yes a tornado, hit the barn in the middle of the night with her alone in her stall. All the horses on the property were shaken but uninjured thankfully! Friends and I walked her about 5 miles to our house where we put her up in the goat paddock. At that point, we thought we’d be taking her back once the fencing and barn had been repaired, but here we are in May with Ladybug still residing with Penelope, Zoe and Isabella.

Although her current living quarters are on the smaller side, I think she likes being around the whole family where she gets lots of attention and sees a lot of action.  The kids love getting up on her bareback when she’s grazing, and we take turns riding her fully tacked as well.  My DH has been trying to get her out for a little ride every day, and she seems to really enjoy it.  So does he!



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