Hay, There!

Our animals are currently all together in one paddock that has no grass whatsoever.  When Ladybug first came to stay with us, the paddock had some grass away from the trees, but that was stomped and grazed down pretty quickly.  Someday I hope to have more land where the horses can have a nice pasture to nibble on and run through at their leisure.  Until that day happens, we make hay runs.

About every two weeks I make a run to Smith Lake Rd to buy a round bale of hay.  They load it up in the back of my truck, and off I go.

Round bale being loaded on to the back of my truck

Doesn’t the truck look like a snail?


Once I get the bale back home, my husband helps me roll it off the truck and on to a pallet outside of the paddock.  We cut off the outer binding to access the hay and throw small piles of it over the paddock fence to the girls as needed.  We usually have three piles, one for Eve our alpha mare, one for Ladybug our first mare, and one for Phoebe and the goats.  Sometimes two piles will do, as long as Eve has a pile all to herself.  She’s not too big on sharing.

Some people have large metal rings that encase the round bale of hay so that the farmer can just leave the whole bale out in the field as free-choice hay.  I would love to be able to do that, but I know our goats would just jump on top of it to play “King of the World” and end up fouling the hay with urine and excrement.  The way we do it may not be the best way, but it works for us for now.


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