Just Ducky!

At the end of September last year, I brought home three day-old Pekin ducklings that I bought from a guy who promised to swap me out if I found I had any males once they matured.  Out of the three, we ended up with one female and two males.  Today I took one of my boys back to him and brought home a cute little Pekin/Cayuga mixed girl.  My duck friend and I decided to work together to breed our ducks and possibly do some egg/duckling swaps in the future to keep our duck flocks interesting.  I still have one male Pekin and a male khaki campbell who can be bred to our female Pekin and the new mix.  Should be fun seeing what kinds of colors we can come up with.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of her to post here, but it’s dark and she’s all tucked in with the rest of the quackers.

For some reason the idea of mixing ducks seems okay to me, but I don’t like the idea of mutt chickens.  Go figure!  I’m a chicken purist at heart!  Oh, well…  I’ll just chalk that one up to my eclectic lifestyle!  :o)  Hope you all had a great Saturday!


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