A-Ha Moments

Every now and then I need a reminder of what I am really trying to do… I want to raise healthy, happy food for my family with enough leftover to share and/or barter with friends and neighbors. I would also like to have a product or two that creates an income, hopefully an income that would equate to a part-time job if I were to work outside of the home. I’d be thrilled if we could create enough abundance from our own property to at least support our homesteading, gardening and farming efforts.

The shiitake mushroom project has been my first inspiration for an income-producing crop, and I’m hoping we can make that happen. I was supposed to inoculate 200 logs for a research project, but I’m nowhere near that yet. We’re at 86 logs as of this afternoon, and I’m hoping to break the 100 mark this weekend.

I’m considering throwing the rest of the spawn in the freezer and refocusing my energies to our vegetable garden. Spring is flying by, and I don’t have any seed in the garden. I have to put my fencing up first in order to keep the chickens from dust bathing in the fresh tilled soil and, in turn, kicking up any seeds that may have been planted.

I find myself wishing for cloning technology as I need to be working on mushrooms, working on the garden, cleaning my house, etc, etc, etc. I still stand by my belief that it’s all possible! I just need to get off my duff and getter done!


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